VOTED evolved from a manufacturer of high-quality socks to establishing a well-rounded lifestyle brand. 

Seamlessly combine performance-oriented features with stylish design elements. The brand excels at creating socks that not only prioritize performance but also boast an attractive design. By merging performance-driven qualities with an aesthetically pleasing design, VOTED offers the best of both worlds. 

Through the seamless fusion of fashion, functionality, and innovative features, they've shaped a brand tailored for those seeking top-notch socks for their active lifestyles. VOTED remains committed to delivering outstanding quality and design.

As a manufacturer of premium socks, VOTED possesses the potential to transform into a versatile platform, fostering collaborative alliances with diverse lifestyle brands and expanding its product range. This adaptability empowers VOTED to channel its creativity and venture into novel areas, ultimately introducing innovative and distinctive products that align with the lifestyle preferences of its customer base.

This flexibility enables VOTED to unleash its creativity and explore new avenues, ultimately delivering innovative and unique products that resonate with the lifestyle preferences of its customers.


VOTED is proud to declare its commitment to environmental stewardship by joining 1% for the Planet. This means that 1% of our annual sales will be dedicated to supporting a global network of grassroots environmental nonprofits, contributing to positive and impactful initiatives for a healthier planet.


To transform into a lifestyle brand, VOTED can diversify its product line, forge a unique brand identity, create compelling content, participate in pertinent events, and encourage community involvement.

VOTED has structured its product offerings into two distinct categories:


The lifestyle socks collection from VOTED is intricately designed, placing a significant focus on design, versatility, and durability. These meticulously crafted products are engineered with careful consideration to seamlessly support various daily activities while upholding a stylish aesthetic.


Precision-engineered using cutting-edge knitting technology, the high-performance socks from VOTED are meticulously designed to provide outstanding support and comfort during rigorous physical activities.


VOTED recently opened the Modular Concept Store at ASHTA District 8, allowing people to have an offline shopping experience, where they can engage and shop the full collection.