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Step back into the iconic rock and roll era with Jackstars, a perfect blend of combed cotton designed to ignite the nostalgia of music legends. Embrace the vibrant spirit within you with bold stripes and a captivating color combination. We've gone the extra mile to ensure The Jackstars are the epitome of comfort. We understood the struggle during the breaking phase in your new loafers or leather shoes. That’s why we’ve got you covered. We added padding around the ankle area, into these socks so it will minimize the discomfort and potential injuries. Our innovative tension cushions are strategically placed to support your feet during the break-in phase. Experience a smooth transition as you embark on a new journey with your shoes, and let them mold to your feet in the most comfortable way possible.

Breathable, moisture-absorbing, antibacterial.

Composition: cotton, nylon, elastane, stretch
Product care:
(hand wash in max 40 degrees C, avoid dryer, no bleaching or ironing, do not soak overnight)

Size: 39-43 (M) bisa pakai 37.5- 44.5

Products Care

Composition : cotton, nylon, elastane, stretch

Product care:
Hand/machine wash in max 40C (avoid dryer), No bleaching or ironing, do not soak overnight.

 Do not bleach
 Do not dry clean
 Machine wash warm 40°C
 Do not tumble dry
 Do not iron